Kathleen Elsey


Kathleen Elsey
"I paint what I see plus all that flows
into my mind from a thousand sources."

sola street studio

“As for the rougher stuff, aesthetically speaking, Kathleen Elsey’s paintings exerts a bold,
almost post-Fauvist-meets-funk touch."

Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara News Press

"Mission in Pink " 16 x 20"

Learn Kathleen Elsey and her painting passion through videos.Kathleen Elsey Grand Canyon

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Lyon Street Steps San Francisco
 Steps of Telegraph Hill San FranciscoStinson Beach Fog Rolling In

“Lyon Street Steps, Afternoon,” featured in solo exhibition in San Francisco. More about my painting process through the interview by Daniel Kepl “Bravo California!“lyon street steps

Happy Summer

windy beach
"Windy Beach" 20" x 24"

My interest in painting is with direct paint application in an expressive manner while using pure color combinations and meaty brushstrokes. The energetic emotion of moving paint around the canvas, searching relentlessly
for shapes and colors,
keeps me from seeing details."
Kathleen Elsey

"River" 24" x 20"

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