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Kathleen Elsey PaintingKathleen Elsey Painting the Grand Canyon & Rio Grande
October 12, 2013

”I visited many stunning painting locations while at the Grand Canyon South rim and Taos, New Mexico. Perfect weather, beautiful light, superb color, not too windy, and I had planned to check out of the Grand Canyon hotel Monday morning, which ended up being just twelve hours before the government shut down.

Quite possibly, I was the last artist to make a painting before they closed the gates! I was in paradise painting my heart out. And if that wasn’t enough, I was even more fortunate to get an upgrade at El Tovar on my final night, September 29th. I moved into ”The Painter’s Suite!” I had to drag myself away the next morning, well, more like noon, saying good bye to the canyon only after making one more color study of the Temple Rock area. You may like to see all five of my Grand Canyon paintings on the paintings 1 page.

Feeling very fortunate, I was on my way to Taos, New Mexico, another magical painter‘s paradise. Two of my plein air New Mexico paintings are in the Millicent Rogers Museum with the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico exhibition which, by the way instigated this entire two week dream of a painting adventure. I did attend the opening reception October 4th and my good fortune continued with a ribbon on one of my paintings and a bag full of prizes!”

Kathleen Elsey paintings South western paintings painting workshops
Kathleen Elsey painting, "Rio Grand Morning" New Mexico

Kathleen Elsey painting workshops
Kathleen Elsey painting, "Trail's End, Rio Grande" 1999

Kathleen Elsey Paintings Southwest Paintings
This is one of the five paintings I made at the Grand Canyon in September 2013.


Kathleen Elsey videos— my painting process, my passion for paintingKathleen Elsey Grand Canyon

I am always learning and I enjoy sharing my thoughts, tools and techniques with you whether it be in reference to paintings or art. Select any of the thumbnails below to watch a video of each painting. The top thumbnail is a discussion about laminating canvas sheets to hardboard.
Viiolin Red GobletsStinson Beach Fog Rolling In
Lyon Street Steps San Francisco Steps of Telegraph Hill San Francisco 

Kathleen Elsey painting:
”Valdez in the Hondo Valley”
Kathleen Elsey Painting Valdez Hondo Valley

Kathleen Elsey painting, "Valdez in the Hondo Valley," made during the painting workshop in Taos, New Mexico. This painting is inspired by the French Fauves and the New Fauves at newfauves. com.

Kathleen Elsey painting
”Rio Pueblo” in Taos, New Mexico
Kathleen Elsey

Kathleen Elsey painting in Taos, New Mexico before a painting workshop. "This is how I begin a painting. Map out or divide the space of the canvas, determining the composition searching forcolors and shapes.” More Kathleen Elsey paintings of New Mexico on Old & Sold Paintings page.

Kathleen Elsey painting,
”Rio Pueblo” Taos, New Mexico

Kathleen Elsey Painting
Kathleen Elsey painting, "Rio Pueblo"

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Kathleen Elsey painting workshops
Kathleen Elsey painting workshops in Santa Barbara
April 27, 28 & 29 workshop details
"Blue Mountain" above and ”Mountain Meadow” below
Kathleen Elsey Painting Workshop

Kathleen Elsey painting, “Rock Meadow”Kathleen Elsey painting workshop
Rock Meadow was painted in January 2001, on Sonoma Mountain just 2 miles from where I live. I was looking East, toward the Mayacama Mountains, which run north/south, dividing Sonoma County and Napa County.

Santa Barbara Beach Paintings
“East Beach, Hot Day with Yellow Clouds"
by Kathleen Elsey

Kathleen Elsey Paintings Santa Barbara Beach paintings

Plein Air Painting “Flower Farm, Sonoma”

Kathleen Elsey Sonoma paintings
Painted in the Kathleen Elsey painting workshop "Flower Farm, Sonoma Mountain"

 Kathleen Elsey Wins “Award of Excellence” in Taos, New Mexico Museum October 4, 2013

Kathleen Elsey paintings New Mexico paintings, Southwest paintings
Two Kathleen Elsey New Mexico paintings have been accepted for the Millicent Rogers Museum exhibition of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico through November 4th, 2013.

Kathleen Elsey paintings New Mexico paintings, Southwest paintings, Pilar, New Mexico Made in the Kathleen Elsey painting workshop, “Pilar, Summer."

Cuyahoga River with Falls
Kathleen Elsey painting workshop Cuyahoga River with Falls Cuyahoga Falls painting
“River with Falls,” Original painting is sold, however limited edition of ten giclee prints were made and two prints are available for sale.

Kathleen Elsey painting
”Sunny Beach, Yellow Umbrella”
June 25, 2013

Kathleen Elsey Painting Workshop Sunny Beach Stinson“Sunny Beach, Yellow Umbrella,” signed Kathleen Elsey lower right

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