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Kathleen Elsey paintings,
”Rio Pueblo”  New Mexico
  30” x 24”  SoldKathleen Elsey Paintings, workshops,  Southwest paintings, , Rio Pueblo

This painting was made plein air just south of Taos, New Mexico high above the Rio Pueblo during the Kathleen Elsey painting workshop in Taos, New Mexico. We work around those daily 1:00 p.m.Kathleen Elsey paintings thunder storms and plan our days accordingly depending on weather. This is one of a series of plein air paintings of the rios of New Mexico. You might also like the Fauve painting, Rio Grande Gorge.

Kathleen Elsey paintings are inspired by the famous French Fauve paintings of Maurice Vlaminck and Henri Matisse. Photo is Kathleen Elsey painting the Rio Pueblo, south of Taos, New Mexico. Kathleen Elsey offers painting workshops in Santa Barbara, California, Sonoma, California, New Mexico and Ohio.

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