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Kathleen Elsey Old Barn painting, plein air workshop Wooley's Cabin

Kathleen Elsey plein air painting,
”Wooley’s Cabin”
  16“ x 20“

I had a solo painting exhibition in Sun Valley, Idaho and went there for the opening reception. While I was there, I wandered a bit in the country to do some painting. This old cabin is just north of Stanley on the Salmon River in Idaho. The blue triangle just to the left of the cabin is actually the river, pointing in to the painting. I love painting old architecture, and this gem of a building was in such a bucolic setting, high above the river, backlit by the sun. It was a windy day, hot, too and lots of bugs. So the paint and I worked differently. The paint dries faster on these days in spite of all the misting I do. The result is a painting made in layers.

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