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”Kathy’s Garden” Sonoma, California
22” x 30”  2006  signed bottom middle by Kathleen Elsey, artist
2007 International Society of Acrylic Painters Exhibition, Golden Award
2012 Kathleen Elsey Solo Exhibition at Thos. Moser in San Francisco

Kathleen Elsey Painting Top ten best Acrylic Workshop Kathy's Garden Sonoma California

I love to visit my old home, Sonoma Mountain. I had a bountiful vegetable and flower garden on the side of the mountain. Kathleen Elsey painting workshop Sonoma CaliforniaMom and me sitting by old oak tree painting Sonoma California It was a wonderful, peaceful bit of Sonoma County. There was an incredible old, twisty, gnarly oak tree there, which I painted many times. Here is a picture of Mom sitting in the chair by the old oak tree. After working in the garden, I enjoyed relaxing in the wooden chair in the shade of the oak tree and looking over the countryside. I grew poppies and chard and lettuce at the time this was painted. The air was hot, dry, fresh and the sky so blue. All I could hear was the sound of the insects and animals that owned the mountain. The grass was parched and stra- colored from the long dry summer. I wonder if it still looks like this?  This is one of my top ten all time favorite paintings.


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