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Kathleen Elsey Bouquet of Ranunculus Painting Workshop

Bouquet of Ranunculus painting by Kathleen Elsey  20” x 24”

This painting began as a demonstration painting for the Santa Barbara Studio Artist Painting Workshop. Below you see the painting after the first layof color. My mantra- cver the canvas with paint. Be bright and bold, loose and free. Do not judge your work too early. But rather paint with passion and get some feeling into the paint.  If you look further down this page, you will also see the Masterson stay-wet palette of paint with all colors (mostly Winsor Newton) named for you to learn from. Kathleen Elsey

Previously exhibited in:
2012 Kathleen Elsey Solo Exhibition, Thos. Moser Showroom, San Francisco

Kathleen Elsey Workshop Demonstration Bouquet Ranunculus

Kathleen Elsey Painting Ranunculus palette

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